Best vacuum cleaner for laminate wood floors

Laminate Floor Cleaner - What's the Best One?

Having laminate floor covering in the house is getting increasingly more popular. It's easy to keep and gives you the appearance of real wood without the real wood cost. But to get the value from your floors you need to maintain its physical appearance and keep it adequately cleaned. Here are the best and worst things that you may use as a laminate floor cleaner or in your flooring.


It works nicely as long as you do not attempt to use one that doesn't have bristles. This can slide the dirt throughout the surface and scrape the end.


Possibly the safest, and most popular method, for maintaining the overall look of your laminate flooring is to use a simple solution of vinegar and water. A little distilled white vinegar into some water and you are good to go. In case you've got a spray bottle to place it in that would be an ideal situation.


Then everything you do is spritz the floor, discuss it with a clean cloth and what little moisture is left behind should immediately vanish leaving a fresh, clean surface with no streaks. Using one of those Swiffer type cleaners or anything having a wide head that allows you to change out the fabric with your mixture would be a good combination.


Never use tons of water or other cleaning liquids to clean these surfaces. You won't ever have the ability to get up each of the liquid until it drains down to the floors. Many times you won't know that you've missed any until you become aware of the damage to the ground, and by then it's too late. This is why a spray bottle is great and only doing a small section of the ground at one time so you can get all of the water/vinegar back up fast.


One thing which you want to shy away from is the use of waxes and polishes. These are not invented for laminate flooring, and the excess liquid can cause a lot of harm. The liquid can slide in between the tiniest of crevices until you realize it and the moisture will absorb in the material causing it to warp and swell.


Should you just happen to not care for the odor of vinegar then there's another source as a laminate flooring cleaner? The cloth cleaners located in shops will do the trick and protect the surface. For stains, you may have to do a little scrubbing with a clean, soft cloth For more info.