Best vacuum cleaner for laminate wood floors

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home or apartment


Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home or apartment


One can argue which is better to buy a vacuum cleaner, but do not take into the hands of a certain model, you can not make an impression on the future mate. What should it be? With a bag or container, capable of washing or dry cleaning only, large and powerful or small and completely silent?

Only such as have need of. And even if your girlfriend is more expensive and modern stick vacuum cleaner for yourself you'd better choose another model, which will allow you to enjoy the harvest. Complicated? Not at all!

We picked for you the most popular vacuum cleaners, which managed to earn the best reviews of the housewives. Choose!

market leaders

The undisputed leader in the number of models can be regarded as Samsung, because now on the shelves there are about three dozen varieties of this brand of vacuum cleaners. There are plenty to choose from.

Following the South Korean brand is the Dutch company Philips, which today offers to buy over twenty models of vacuum cleaners. Trying to keep up with the leaders of companies such as Electrolux, Rowenta, Thomas and Zelmer, which also has something to please their fans.

However, to choose the best vacuum cleaner only on the basis of the brand is not quite correct. And suddenly you will approach to the house one single model of a little-known brand? Why do you need to focus on fashion? Feel free to read reviews about other companies, if you like the model.

In addition to the recognized or LG Zanussi firms can choose the leaders and among budget options have Delfa, Saturn and Scarlett.


Three top models aquafiltering

The best vacuum cleaners for general cleanings home – It is washable with aquafiltering. Of course, the cleaning assistant is slightly bulky and requires a bit of effort to care (such as drain, disassemble, reassemble and dry), but no better than him can not cope with the imaginative rapping and washing carpets. In addition, it is perfectly filters the air and reliably keeps dust. three stand out among these models:

Zelmer 919.0 ST

Modern washing vacuum cleaner. It can be used not only for dry cleaning, but also for the wet cleaning of the apartment. The main advantage of this model – as an opportunity to put aquafiltering and conventional disposable dust bag. The complete set includes a brush for stone, parquet and marble.

There is also a nozzle for washing carpets and water collection. A nice bonus — large turbo brush, which makes cleaning the house in a simple and pleasant procedure.


Thomas TWIN T1

Another good washing vacuum cleaner, only this time by Thomas firm. The removable reservoir for the detergent solution is placed 2.4 liters. It can be fed under the pressure of the solution itself, to better clean the carpets and furniture. Pointer Dust bag full time suggest when to clean it.


If you decide to buy just such a washing vacuum cleaner, be aware that a variety of additional nozzles, which are supplied to him.

This crevice, a brush for cleaning of carpets, for wet cleaning and cleaning of hard surfaces. It is possible to connect electro.


Karcher DS 6.000

The most expensive of the three. But it is more easy and economical energy consumption. This appliance aquafiltering with a volume of 1.7 liters. All garbage is deposited in the container with water.

It is convenient to store, as the right to housing space for additional nozzles (crevice, for floors and upholstery). It is possible to mount the vertical telescopic pipe.In the opinion of the owners, extremely agile and pleasant to use. Among the shortcomings noted the high cost of the filters.If the washing vacuum cleaner with a heavy aquafiltering seems too complicated to use, try to choose a regular vacuum cleaner where a dust collector — dust bag.