Best vacuum cleaner for laminate wood floors

Which vacuum cleaner to choose and how to do it right?

 So cleaning does not become a problem, it is important to consider the possibilities that vacuum cleaner and how it is effective. What is particularly important? For cleaning different types of surfaces may become indispensable multifunctional model.

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Getting rid of harmful microorganisms – an important condition for high-quality cleaning. What are the vacuum cleaners in this help? Clean house – fresh air.

How to do it with a vacuum cleaner? View solution ... High-quality vacuum cleaner – it is always reliable.

Learn about the benefits of advanced models ... When choosing a vacuum cleaner, as well as any other equipment, should be guided, first and foremost, the technical parameters that determine the level of quality and functionality, as well as price and design. Each type of technology has its own characteristics, the vacuum cleaner has a number of inherent characteristics it is. What are they, and how to choose the right vacuum cleaner, we describe in this article. First what you need to decide before the selection procedure, as this is the purpose of cleaning, the frequency of cleaning of the future, free storage space, as well as the amount you're willing to spend on cleaning equipment.

best vacuum for carpetConsider some of these factors, the choice of the vacuum cleaner. The purpose of cleaning the cleaning goal, though it seems obvious to most people – purity, – Nevertheless, there should be clarified: if you have a home carpets, tufted cover and lots of upholstered furniture? The answer to these questions makes it possible to determine the functionality of the vacuum cleaner future: Do you need an electric toothbrush with the function of knock.

Will you clean the children's room, whether living at home elderly people with allergies or pets? After all, you may need a vacuum cleaner with a low noise level or multi-level filtration system that can hold up allergens. The frequency of cleaning frequency of future cleanups defined parameters such as floor area, number of people staying and how often they go out into the street. Perhaps the area of ​​your home is big enough and / or children often run out of the house to take a walk, and then you need daily 1-2-fold vacuum cleaning of premises, which should «have time» to cope with its task without being distracted by a lot of the time.

Then the requirements for cleaning equipment can be: long automatically folding the cord, ease of movement of the vacuum cleaner in the apartment, ergonomics, rapid onset and completion of cleaning associated with the lack of need to perform additional manipulations on the connection-disconnection of the various components, their cleaning, drying, storage. Free space under vacuum free space for storing the vacuum cleaner – an important factor that often recall in the last turn. Powerful, multi-functional vacuum cleaners are often bulky or require additional space for all kinds of attachments. Sometimes for convenient storage of nozzles manufacturers comes complete with a vacuum cleaner special boxes (bags), sometimes storing nozzles provided inside the cleaning equipment.

best vacuum for carpetIt is important to decide in advance what you are willing to allocate the area for storing the vacuum cleaner and accessories, that it does not prevent living in the apartment people. Price cleaner price you are willing to pay for a vacuum cleaner, – a very important point, limiting choice. After all, modern vacuum cleaners are from 3 to 200 thousand rubles. With such a range of prices and variety of models it is easy to become confused. Let's try to break the range of different manufacturers in several price categories (assuming conventionality of this division): vacuum cleaners worth up to 15 000 rubles.

This ordinary household vacuum cleaners with any type of filtering separator except water filtration and steam generation; vacuum cleaners worth from 15 000 to 25 000 rubles. Conventional vacuum cleaners of high quality. At their manufacturing more durable and expensive materials, improved tightness of the whole construction, the assembly of such models usually occurs in the countries of the producers themselves at their flagship factories; vacuum cleaners worth from 25 000 to 50 000 rubles. This semi-professional cleaning equipment. Its difference is the increased wear resistance design and engine power.

In this category can already be found vacuum cleaners with powerful steam generators; vacuum cleaners worth from 50 000 to 150 000 rubles. Professional cleaning equipment, calculated on virtually continuous operation on large areas. Many models have two-stage turbine, capable of operating in synchronism or independently of each other. This technique also distinguishes the considerable weight and dimensions, due to the large tank for collecting water and debris, as well as a system of pumps and turbines; vacuum cleaners cost from 50 000 to 125 000 rubles. This elite Cleaning equipment for the house.

It is distinguished by the highest build quality and materials, small size, fuel-efficient engines, high suction power and more functionality. This category includes vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering Separator type. Once you have decided on the frequency of cleaning and goals, as well as the price you are willing to pay for cleaning equipment, and the availability of free space to store the vacuum cleaner - let us consider a few key characteristics that should be compared to vacuum cleaners. Power Power vacuum cleaner consists of engine power (speed and separators), the suction power and charge loss speed. For the steam-vacuum cleaner with an additional criterion is the capacity of the boiler and steam ejection pressure.

It should be understood that the wattage is usually marked on the lid of the vacuum cleaner, is not so much in common with the true power of a vacuum cleaner, which is measured in airwatt. Unsuccessful cleaner design can lead to the fact that only half of the power consumed is converted to the suction power. Therefore, from the standpoint of economy should be taken into account the ratio of watts to the suction power. What is required suction power, and for what purposes?

Here is a typical layout of the desired performance capacity: 350 aeroVt – power necessary for dry cleaning linoleum, parquet, tiles and other smooth surfaces; 400 aeroVt – power necessary when using turboschetok; 450 aeroVt – Power best vacuum for cleaning carpets and include the long coating; 550 aeroVt – power desired for wet cleaning of carpets; 650 aeroVt – power for deep cleaning of upholstered furniture; 800 aeroVt – power used for complex professional cleaning. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that when using dust bags power falls as they become dust filling. At the same time, vacuum cleaners with water separator filter is not characterized by a lack of – their power is stable throughout the harvest.

The speed of the separator influences the intensity of mixing of dust particles with water aquafiltering, and hence the purity of the air discharged from the vacuum cleaner. The level of vacuum cleaner noise Most people mistakenly believe that high engine power increases the level of vacuum cleaner noise at work, but this may be true only for the cheaper models. Structural features high cleaning technique premium negate increased vibration motor (turbine), greatly reducing the distributed sound waves from them. In different countries, for different purposes cleaners maximum value of the operating equipment noise determined in the range of 71 to 92 decibels at a distance of half a meter from the person.

for comparison – noise from the quiet whisper same distance is approximately 40 dB. In this way, «quiet» It can be considered a vacuum cleaner with a noise level below 70 dB. The length of the cord, in determining the length of the power cord should be remembered that the power cord is too short – up to 4 meters – will significantly restrict the freedom of your actions during the harvest.

At the same time, too long cord – about 15 meters – It can interfere with the movement of the vacuum cleaner. However, the long cord is always preferable, as long as when the length of 6 meters in the vacuum cleaner was present automatic winder. The use of an automated system cord winder is still in the fact that the cord is convenient to unwind during cleaning, fixing it to the desired length. an air filtration system in terms of the type of dust collector, there are only three dust collection system: Traditional bag, plastic container with a cyclone filtration and aquafiltering.

Within each dust collection system has its own modification. Thus, in conventional filter may be used ineffective reusable cloth bags or highly laminated disposable bags and synthesized from cellulose nanofibers. Vacuum filtration with water may have the usual aquafiltering used in ordinary detergent cleaner or separator aquafiltering fitted to the model class «premium».