Best vacuum cleaner for laminate wood floors

Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners for the home are designed for dry cleaning and wet (washing vacuum cleaners).

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning:

  • with dust bag. Bags in vacuum cleaners are interchangeable (paper) and reusable (cloth). It is more convenient to use paper bags. They are released when filling in the device is inserted into a new package;
  • with water filter. In the vacuum cleaner is installed a water tank, which acts as a filter. During cleaning, all the dust settles in the water, humidified air in the room;
  • a dust collecting container (cyclone system). The dust is collected in a container which is purified as it is required. Container made of transparent plastic, which allows to visually determine the degree of its filling. A disadvantage is the high noise level: the air sucked into the container, moving on a circle at a high speed and generates a tornado effect.

Vacuum cleaners washing

Washing vacuum cleaners have a lot of functionality. They do dry and wet cleaning of carpets and floor brush clogged sink, wash the windows and tiles.

A disadvantage is the high cost, large size and weight, the need for disassembly and cleaning after each use of the vacuum cleaner.

According to the power level is classified into low-power (500 W), medium (500-2000 W) and high power (over 2000 W).


classification of vacuum cleaners

  • classic vacuum cleaners. Ideal for cleaning floor surfaces, wall hangings, bookcases, stairs;
  • hand-held vacuum cleaners. Easy to clean vertical surfaces. Some models have elongated slotted nozzle with brush. Also attached brush for collecting fluids, removing stains from furniture, fabrics and carpets;
  • vacuums for stairs . Quality clean dirt, easy to use, well struggling with allergens. Quite noisy and cumbersome;
  • mop cleaner. Suitable premises for the daily cleaning with a hard floor covering, carpets and stairs;
  • vacuum cleaner for construction (industrial). Has improved air filtering reduces the amount of dust during operation. Powerful engine easily suck dust from the production using a brush. Equipped with a long cord;
  • steam cleaners. Designed to thoroughly clean carpets and upholstery steam furniture.

suction pipe

Vacuum cleaners are equipped with steel, telescopic, plastic, aluminum or composed of two pipe elements.

telescopic tube easy to operate, establish the optimum length for the individual user. Take up little space, is stored in a folded state. They are comfortable in use telescopic tubes with a special snap-lock with the handle and the pipe.

composite pipe less convenient. Before cleaning them should be collected. For storage of the composite tube in the assembled state, is allocated additional space in a cabinet or pantry.

plastic pipes – easier, steel – robust and reliable, durable.

Brushes and nozzles

Each brush and nozzle has its own scope. The larger brushes and nozzles, the greater functionality of the vacuum cleaner.


By the standard set nozzles of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning are:

  • floor nozzle, and carpets;
  • universal nozzle-brush with switch floor / carpet, allowing to raise and hide stubble;
  • crevice tool cleaning the dust that accumulates in confined spaces.


By no standard set relate:

  • turbo brush removes pet hair. At the nozzle is a brush rotated by passing therethrough an air stream. To note, by the rotation of the suction power is reduced;
  • brush for furniture. A small brush with bristles highly dense. Ideal for cleaning the polished furniture. Long pile does not allow the bottom of the nozzle to scratch furniture;
  • nozzle for upholstered furniture. Small size, sometimes a plush insert;
  • brush for cleaning parquet, laminate, tiles. Special wide narrow brush with a long nap, which protects against accidental scratches.

The level of noise of the vacuum cleaner

The level of noise of the vacuum cleaner – serious factor attracting attention. The noise level is measured in dB. Vacuum cleaner is installed a certain norm maximum allowable noise level.

It varies from 71 to 80 dB.