Best vacuum cleaner for laminate wood floors

Professional cleaning services


For cleaning the place:

• Living spaces;

• Commercial and industrial use;

• outside the territory;

• parks, lawns, gardens etc .;

• Cleaning of roads and streets.

By cleaning the project:

• garbage;

• fallen leaves;

• snow (including - from the roof).

The periods distinguished:

Daily cleaning:

• collection bags with trash from the waste baskets and insert new packages;

dry cleaning of carpets;

• removal of dust from the sills and office equipment;

• Wet cleaning ceramic, linoleum, parquet, marble and other floors;

• disinfection and wet cleaning in sanitary rooms;

• polishing glass surfaces and mirrors;

• filling liquid soap dispensers and dispensers for toilet paper and paper towels;

Weekly cleaning:

• removal of stubborn dirt, stains and dust on floors, doors, window sills and window frames;

• dry cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets;

• cleaning wastebaskets;

• polished wooden furniture and other interior items.

Monthly cleaning:

• cleaning baseboards;

• window cleaning;

• rubbing blinds.

Spring cleaning. This kind of cleaning services is not limited to the repetition period and includes the full, without any exception, bringing order and cleanliness.

On the use of technical means also generate mechanized and manual cleaning, and water use – wet and dry.