Best vacuum cleaner for laminate wood floors

How To Choose A Water Filter Vacuum

Vacuums for tile with aquafiltering economically consumes power due to special construction. The apparatus, equipped with a water purification system capable of eliminating the smallest dust mites and their metabolic waste. The suction power remains constantly high regardless of the degree of fullness of dust. Different nozzles qualitatively clean linoleum, tiles, parquet, carpet, upholstered furniture.
A disadvantage of the apparatus is the need to each time to pour out the water with the dust container to wash the inside. 

types aquafiltering

The very simple water filter cleaning system – hookah. The sucked dirty air is passed through the water for cleaning. Such a vacuum cleaner with water filter for dry cleaning successfully cope with large debris losing dirt particles.

Situation corrects an extra purification systems. Additional filters, the delay tiny dirt particles can be synthetic, sponge, paper, or other carbon. The advantage of the device is a reasonable price.

The second type of purification – separator. These vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering for dry cleaning function as a centrifuge, separated air, liquid and dust to whirl at high pressure. Centrifugal force drowns all absorbed by the dirt in the water. Air bubbles with the smallest dust broken.

Vacuum cleaner with a cyclone-type aquafiltering does not need additional purification system due to the high efficiency of the device, unlike previous analog. its deficiency – high price



How to choose a water filter vacuum

On sale there are different models of home appliances. Which to choose a vacuum cleaner for the home? Pay attention to:

  • Power tool.
  • The level of noise generated.
  • Aquafiltering type and quantity of air purification steps.
  • Completing the model. The larger brushes and nozzles available in the set, the more opportunities for harvesting.
  • The size and weight of the body.
  • The presence of auto-off function.
  • The length of the cord and automatic winder.
  • the instrument tube. Metal part tight plastic, telescopic system despair convenience.Якорь

Rated vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering 2017

Well proven popular patterns:

  • Zelmer ZVC752ST – powerful device for wet and dry cleansing action 9 meters radius;
  • Thomas TWIN T1 – strong instrument with cable length of 6 meters and a plurality of nozzles;
  • Karcher DS 6.000 – economical apparatus for dry cleaning, provided with a turbo-brush;
  • Philips FC 8950 – easy-to-use model with a power cord 8 meters in length;
  • samsung SD9421 – effective device for a dry cleansing aquafiltering 2 liter;
  • Arnica Bora 4000 – compact model with the function of flavor.

Prices for vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering

Cleaning apparatus, equipped with a water filter can be purchased at the online store by catalog, or by visiting any office appliances. Order online purchase device better on trusted sites with good reviews of satisfied customers. unit price depends on the manufacturer, the power unit, its complete set, a set of additional functions.

The cost of the device - from 3599 to 74460 rubles.Якорь


Svetlana, 36 years old

The third year I use Samsung. Old machine pylil so I refused it completely. My husband and I went to El Dorado to choose a vacuum cleaner before viewing Yandex Market. We bought a Samsung model, which is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Equipment copes with the collection of dirt. The dust is trapped inside, rather than scattered around the apartment.

Marina, 29 years old

Long time to choose between Samsung, Karcher and Zelmerom. We bought the last one, and it is worth it. I use cleaning Zelmer of instructions for dry cleaning. All the dirt in the end remains in the tank, the air in the apartment clean, fresh.

Not that that Meshkov unit when the dust hangs in the air. If you add the flavor, the room will smell sweet.

Irina, 42 years old

Accustomed to using conventional vacuum cleaner – inexpensive, with a bag. A year ago, he broke down and bought Thomas Avito at a good price. great gadget – lovely clean laminate flooring, carpets, upholstered furniture, washing the floors, leaving the air fresh. his shortcomings – awkwardness, clumsiness.

Still it is necessary to wash the container after each cleaning.