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Which Vacuum Cleaner To Choose And How To Do It Right? Part 2

So, the first stage of filtration – This dust collector. After the air has passed therethrough, it directs to the engine, which is usually further protected to fine dust particles are not accumulated in the blades, causing overheating and mechanical blockage of the engine. The so-called motor filter does not require replacement over the life of the vacuum cleaner under 200 $. The only thing it needs from time to time to wash and set back.

vacuum under 200 $The third stage of filtration involves the passage of clean air through an additional barrier – fine filters. These include electrostatic (electromagnetic) filters, attracting to itself dust particles with opposite electric charge, S-grade filters and HEPA-filters, originally devised to work in nuclear facilities, and medical bacteriology laboratories. Depending on their category, such filters trap 99.97% of all the microparticles and more.

fine filters are required for cleaning the air of foreign odors, allergens, bacteria and other microorganisms. A larger number of filters in vacuum cleaners – regular publicity stunt, because for the purposes of the professional air purification use special cleaners to clean 7-9 levels, each of which is arranged on different principles. Many vacuum cleaners functionality in addition to traditional nozzles are equipped with optional accessories and electronic functions, sometimes very useful in the process of cleaning the premises. Vacuum Control systems can be mechanical, electronic, or a combination thereof, wherein «control panels» They can be located on the cleaner surface on the handle and a telescopic tube.

By the functional elements also include a variety of multitasking and all kinds of attachments. A classic example is the electric brush function sputtering carpets and upholstered furniture, working on his own engine and nozzles for cleaning, flavoring, and humidification. vacuum mode in which it operates as an air purifier, further expands the functionality of the cleaning equipment.

You can find vacuum cleaners that work in all existing modes: dry and wet cleaning, the steam generator, «Dry»As well as a combination of several modes. Additional features of the vacuum cleaner Additional characteristics include safety (LEDs filling bags, water pollution, engine stop in cases of overheating, latex bumpers to prevent damage to furniture, protection against voltage transients, the engine lock if the vacuum depressurized), the warranty period of service, which may vary from 1 year to 8 years, as well as the name of the manufacturer and place the vacuum cleaner assembly. Vacuum cleaner without losing the suction power of the vacuum cleaner A classic example without losing the suction power can be called Cleaning machinery Rainbow, whose operating principle is based on aquafiltering cage. It is this type of filtering allows you to maintain high suction power during the entire cleaning process. When the power consumption of the separator – of 875 W, it creates the most powerful in its category vortex flow of water in aquafiltering, working at a speed of 32,000 rpm and creating suction power 800 aeroVt.

Thus, the energy efficiency of the vacuum cleaner engine Rainbow unusually high. It allows for one hour of cleaning saves energy compared to their peers – from 125 watts to 400 watts. In other words some other vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering type separator to yield 800 aeroVt suction power to absorb energy from the network in the amount of 1200 watts.

Needless to say vacuum cleaners working on other filtering principles – they spend «useless» energy much more. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner motor Rainbow issued a guarantee of 8 years. Such confidence in the quality of its products does not feel, perhaps, any one manufacturer.